Recommendations before setting sail

Before setting sail

In the days leading up to your holidays, it is very likely that you still have a lot to do and there are a million things in your head. Since we want your time on your boat to be perfect we have prepared this article with some essential recommendations that you should take into account before setting sail. Sailing is a great adventure and we truly recommend you to immerse yourself 100% in this experience, but first things first, good preparation and safety are the most important things onboard to be able to enjoy sailing, we suggest that you save this list and make sure that you are ready for any situation that may arise while out on the water.




10 recommendations before setting sail

You have already chosen your destination, have your boat reserved and you and your group of friends or family are about to start your adventures on the chartered boat. To make this vacation incredible we indicate below which are the most important things to take into account so your boat trip is safe and as pleasant and fun as possible. Keep reading!

  • A well-planned shopping trip before disembarking makes a big difference. Surely you have experience in this because more than once you have planned a shopping list for an event or a vacation. The purchase for the boat is slightly different, because you have to take into account details such as the fact that a supermarket is not always nearby or even accessible, the space on a boat is limited and the boat is in constant motion.
  • In your suitcase you can not forget comfortable shoes. It is important that you feel at ease on board. We recommend that you choose a shoe with a white sole, so as not to stain the hull of the boat.
  • Avoid carrying rigid suitcases. As we mentioned, space on the boat is limited. For this reason, it is highly recommended to carry the right luggage, much better if it fits in a travel bag since the interior distribution of the boats does not usually have a space enabled for luggage.
  • Take adapters to charge mobile phones. On some boats there may not be the right plug for your phone, so it is better if you are prepared.
  • Take warm clothes. In the sea the temperature is always lower than on the land. Even if you travel in the middle of summer, at night it can be chilly and since we want you to be as comfortable as possible, it is better if you put some warm clothes in your luggage.

Before arriving and setting sail

  • You will need the documentation of all the crew (ID or Passport), as well as the skipper’s title (skipper license) of those who have it. This documentation is essential to take on board, because sometimes the maritime authorities may request it. If your boat rental includes a skipper, it is not necessary to carry the skipper’s title.
  • Fly in advance of boarding time. And even if it is possible, we suggest that you fly one or several days before to avoid unforeseen events. Surely the destination you have chosen offers some wonderful places and you can take advantage and do some sight-seeing. 
  • Check-in with enough time. This is possibly the most important point to take into account before setting sail, since the owner of the boat needs some time to explain all the ins and outs of the boat.



Important things before setting sail

  • Check the weather forecast. If you sail with a skipper, he will help you to know these forecasts and to make decisions every day in relation to the pre-established itinerary. If you sail without a skipper, this aspect is essential that you take it into account because it will directly influence your navigation.
  • Familiarizing yourself with technical terms and vocabulary is an advantage when it comes to participating in the maneuvers and taking all the advantages of your sailing holiday.
  • Plan the activities. Where do you want to go? What extra activities do you want to do? All these types of details are essential to take into account in order to plan the itinerary and timing of the trip. Meet with your group and discuss your concerns.

Check the reservation details 

If you have rented your boat with Boatjump, preparing your departure is very simple and you can do it mostly online, but still you will have to carry certain documentation with you on board. As the reservation is made far advance, it is advisable to check all of the conditions and documents a few days before starting the vacation. This short list of recommendations before setting sail will allow you to enjoy your boat trip. Planning always helps you to be prepared for possible unforeseen events and also to feel more comfortable on board. Better safe than sorry as the old quote says! If you have questions reading this article, the Boatjump team will be happy to help you clear up any doubts. Happy sailing!

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