What to do with kids and teenagers on the boat?

What to do with kids and teenagers on the boat

As the time for Caribbean vacations is getting closer and closer, we start to get excited about planning a family vacation and want to make sure everyone has the time of their lives. A family vacation is a great opportunity to be together and have fun with your loved ones, but we can all agree that spending time with family members in a limited space can be difficult at times. That’s why at Boatjump, we’ve compiled a list of what to do with kids and teenager on the boat. We have also prepared some activity ideas for you, so you can enjoy your vacation on a chartered boat to the fullest.

More and more families are choosing to rent a boat as a way to spend their vacation. This is a great option to enjoy your time with your children and provide them with an exciting experience. Little ones often need a lot of stimulation and more entertainment than bigger children. That is why we recommend that you follow these tips to fully enjoy your journey.

Play together with your kids on the boat

As you navigate, children may be active and eager to do lots of things in reduced space. When you prepare your luggage, do not forget to pack some games such as cards, puzzles, a coloring and drawing book. Take crafts, stories and whatever they like to play with so they will feel at home on the boat.

In addition, you can unleash your imagination and invent games that have to do with finding treasure on the ship and even play role games using some homemade pirate/sailor costume or purchase some awesome Pirates of the Caribbean costumes before you go on holiday.




Take binoculars so that you can discover the coast lines you are approaching and other curiosities that the sea offers like birds and jumping fish.


Teach your kids how to sail

Don’t forget to involve them in the experience. Children are like sponges, absorbing new concepts with great ease, and the sea is a wonderful place for them to learn. Share with them some technical terms in a fun way, show them the parts of the boat and even give them simple tasks to be involved in the navigation.

It is important to take into account that children often get seasickness and dizziness, however, with a little caution and with the use of certain medications, unpleasant experiences can be avoided.

What to do with teenagers on the boat?

Teens are rarely excited about the prospect of vacationing with the whole family on a small sailboat, especially for a long time. How can we make a family cruise interesting for a teenager too?

  • First, keep your teen company: Bring cousins or friends with children of similar age.
  • Provide attractions that are tailored for teenager – thrilling water sports like scuba diving or wakeboarding.
  • Don’t force them to do everything, all the time together, if your teen wants to sit alone or sleep, and give them time to relax as well.
  • While sightseeing do not drag your teenager to every single museum or ruins, give them time to hang out and browse in the little souvenir shops.
  • Obviously being away from their cell phones will be the biggest challenge to your teens. Fortunately, on the ocean there isn’t always a good network, but this can actually  provoke even more frustrations. Make a deal with your kids that there is a certain time they can spend on their phone, but the rest of the time they do something more exciting or relaxing or you just simply spend time together. 

Relax and enjoy your boat trip

Now that you know what activities you can do on a boat with your kids and teenager, at Boatjump we are convinced that you will have an unforgettable family vacation. Have you already chosen the boat that best suits your needs? We make your task easier with our personalized questionnaire and we tell you the advantages of booking your boat with us.




In any case, the entire Boatjump team is at your disposal to help you choose the boat that best suits your needs, as well as to offer you the best recommendations in everything that has to do with navigation. If you have any doubts and need to receive some suggestions about the type of boat, the destination you have chosen or the things to consider before setting sail, we are here for you. For the moment, with this list of activities we want to make sure you won’t be short on things to do on board of the sailing boat. Happy sailing!


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