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How to be eco-friendly while sailing

Our work environment is the seas and the oceans – and we love it. The entire team of Boatjump is in favor of good practices in daily life and we do our best to be also eco-friendly while sailing. We are conscious that as inhabitants of this planet to a large extent, its continuity depends on us, as well as the well-being and health of all living beings that inhabit it. That is why we take part in activities such as the garbage collection on the beach of Patacona next to Bioagradables, in which we beat the attendance record in the Valencian Community. It was an incredible experience. In this article we want to share with you some tips on how to be eco-friendly while sailing. Keep reading!

Eco-friendly while sailing

Biodiversity and climate change

Every year eight million tons of garbage end up in the seas and oceans of the world. In other words, one garbage truck is dumped into the sea every minute. This devastating picture is present in our day to day without even realizing it. Annual reports affirm that the consequences are increasing and marine biodiversity is becoming more and more affected.The climate on Earth is changing and we can observe it in the form of such phenomena as the last eruption of the La Palma volcano and record temperatures during the night in summer in Seville. We have gone very far with destroying the natural environment, however, ecologists say that we can still stop this problem if we all work together! In this sense, each action counts and adds up. If we are able to generate a small positive impact around us, automatically the effect multiplies significantly. Do not take a break from taking care of the environment and keep good habits also during your holiday.

Eco-friendly while sailing

Tips on how to be more eco-friendly while sailing

  • Do not throw garbage into the sea, but wait to get to port. Remember that on the boat you still can separate rubbish.
  • Ecological cleaning: the use of soaps, disinfectants and gels used to clean the boat must be non-toxic and, if possible, biodegradable.
  • Use non-toxic and sea-friendly sunscreens and, if possible, in biodegradable containers.
  • Make good use of freshwater. To drink, you will always have to drink bottled water and it is not the best for the environment, if possible buy water in biodegradable containers.
  • Be reasonable with the amount of water you use for showers and cleaning dishes.
  • Do not waste food, bring some tupperware to preserve the food for the following days.

Tips on how to be more eco-friendly while sailing


Eco-friendly while sailing and using motor

  • Prepare the navigation route, in order to avoid unnecessary turns, preventing propellers from damaging the vegetation or marine animals at the bottom of the sea.
  • Speed ​​reduction, with lower fuel consumption.
  • Fill the tank up to 90% of its capacity, since it prevents the temperature from rising and therefore making spills.
  • Review local rules and requirements to familiarize yourself with region-specific restrictions.
  • Adjustable pitch propellers, and modular propellers help your boat operate efficiently and ultimately help reduce fuel consumption.
  • Protect marine fauna and flora by properly disposing of fishing lines that are used. They can be deposited in marine accessory stores or recycling facilities.

You can implement these simple rules from the very first day you are on your boat and be a good example for the rest of the crew. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the sea in the future, now’s the time to take care of it.

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We all need to join forces to save the seas

Although every single person counts the actions of individual units, it does not change the situation. That is why it is so important to make joint efforts with the participation of companies, concerns and all interested parties and territories. In Europe, the European Union also actively participated in the campaign for the valorisation and protection of sea waters, which was reflected in the common maritime policy. The Directive of the European Parliament “Marine Strategy 2008/56 / EC”, establishing a framework for EU action for the benefit of the marine environment, aims to achieve good status of marine waters, prevent harmful human activity, and protect and preserve the marine ecosystem. Under the directive, Member States have to assess the environmental status of their marine waters, develop programs, and then commit to implementing and monitoring them continuously.

Tips on how to be more eco-friendly while sailing

If this sounds a little serious, well, the situation is quite serious. Nevertheless, despite all other ways of spending your holidays, sailing is one of the most eco-friendly. So don’t hesitate and book a boat now for your next vacation.




If you have any doubts and need to receive some suggestions about the type of boat, the destination you have chosen, or the things to consider before setting sail, we are here for you. We accompany you during the process to make it much more comfortable and ensure you find the best boat for your vacation. A Boatjump agent will contact you to offer the different options that you can count on quickly and easily. Happy sailing!

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