Parts of sailboat

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Parts of sailboat

What is so special about spending holiday on a sailboat?

The boat is a way of transport allowing you to reach the most beautiful hidden coves, beaches and bays. Without a doubt, you will have the best views without even leaving your “bedroom”. Holidays on a boat, are the perfect excuse to finally start learning how to sail. It might be the beginning of your new passion and in addition, maybe one day you can rent a boat on your own. As always, at Boatjump we want to help you in each and every step of your experience in order to make sure that you have an amazing time. In this article we want to share the most important parts of a sailboat and basic nautical vocabulary, so you can have an unforgettable experience and enjoy your boat holiday to the maximum. 




Learn parts of a sailboat – basic vocabulary

In comparison to motor boats, sailboats are a little bit more demanding to operate and require some knowledge about sailing. That is why we recommend taking a look at this little guide in order to familiarize yourself with the parts of a sailboat and to be able to identify them easily.

A sailboat is a boat that sails and does not need an engine. The wind propels her sails and in turn, the sails propel the boat. Due to exclusively using the forces of nature, the speed it achieves is lower than when using an engine. However, in return you can enjoy direct contact with nature, the sea and the wind, creating a unique atmosphere that you will remember for many months after your vacation.




In the image above, you can see a detailed parts of a sailboat. However, we are going to focus on those that are most relevant when sailing.

Boom – A horizontal spar attached to the aft of the mast just below the sail. The boom is attached to the sail and keeps the sail flatter when at an angle from the centerline of the boat

Bow -The front of the boat

Forestay – Most commonly a stainless steel wire, the forestay is a piece of standing rigging which helps keep the mast upright. It is attached at the bow of the boat, to the top of the mast

Hull – Watertight body of the boat

Jib – Triangular sail at the foremast of the sailboat

Keel – Generates lift using the forward motion of the boat, counteracting the leeward force of the wind. It also provides ballast to the boat

Mainsail – Sail located behind the main mast of the vessel

Mast – A tall vertical spar that supports the sails

Rudder -Used to steer the boat through the water

Stern – The back of the boat



Your holiday on a sailboat as the beginning of a new passion

Do some of these terms sound familiar to you? How many of them are new? Even if you do not know them yet, you will be surprised how, little by little, you discover new terms and new functionalities of a sailboat. Entering the world of sailing is fascinating. If you choose to rent a sailboat with a skipper, it is likely that you will learn a lot about the boat as well as sailing in general from your skipper during the trip. If you like this short  guide we shared with you and you are eager to learn more about sailboats there are plenty of pages specialized in nautical vocabulary  that you can visit to expand your knowledge.




Choosing your sailboat is much easier than it seems. At Boatjump we accompany you throughout the process: from the moment you start  until you return from your vacation. This holiday, forget about hotel rooms and the noise of the cities. Avoid overcrowding and connect with the freedom that only the sea offers. Sailing on a sailboat will not mean giving up anything, but quite the opposite: you will have a unique and unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat. Do you want to take a step forward?


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