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Rent a boat with a skipper

When it comes to renting a boat, one of the questions to ask yourself at the beginning is whether to rent a boat with or without a skipper. Both options have their pros and cons, that is why in this article we want to explain this issue in detail. The decision is crucial, since the figure of the skipper will influence the whole experience. It is highly recommended to have a skipper, especially if you want to navigate destinations that you do not know. Whether or not you have a nautical qualification, you can rent a boat with a skipper. From Boatjump we highly recommend charter boats with a skipper, especially if you want to navigate destinations that you do not know.

Rent boat with a skipper

Advantages of renting a boat with a skipper 

Half of the clients who rent their boat with Boatjump do so with a skipper. The reasons are always related to the fact that the skipper is the person who takes care of the safety of the boat and the passengers. They have essential qualifications to be able to navigate, great experience at sea and they know all the necessary maneuvers. One of their functions is to constantly check the weather conditions, essential when you go sailing, and which directly influences the possibility of drawing plans and activities on board. Depending on the weather and what the group wants, the skipper designs the daily itinerary taking into account all the details. Another advantage is that the skipper knows the area perfectly and contributes his  knowledge of local beauty spots to improve the experience during your holidays.




Expectation about the skipper vs reality

We recommend that you consider some details that can directly influence your expectations about the skipper and the boat trip. Most skippers are assigned one to two weeks before the trip. Therefore, if you want to get in touch with them and discuss the itinerary or activities before starting the trip, you should know that it will not always be possible. The skipper is a person used to improvising and drawing the best itinerary for each day, taking into account the weather conditions in the first place and then preferences of the passengers. Keep in mind that, if you rent a boat outside of Spain, it is very likely that the skipper does not speak Spanish and most likely the communication will be held in English. We are sure that they would love to speak all possible languages, but it cannot be demanded of them since their job is to navigate the ship.

Rent boat with a skipper

What a skipper does not do on the boat

Renting a boat for your vacations will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. For this, it is so important that you take into account all the advantages of renting a boat with a skipper, such as knowing the details that the professional is not going to take care of. The skipper is a person who will accompany you during the trip, taking care of the navigation, itineraries and your safety. He knows the boat perfectly as well as the waters that you will navigate. He will provide you with technical support, showing a decisive attitude in this regard. But the skipper will not occupy more everyday tasks such as:

Cooking and cleaning on the boat. Meals and cleaning during days on board are the responsibility of the passengers. Likewise, there is the possibility of having a chef on board who takes care of meals and dinners. You can hire a chef and a hostess for cleaning, taking care of kids and providing them with extra activities, but bear in mind that these extra  members of the crew will occupy cabins on the boat.

Skipper will not babysit. If you plan sailing with children, the skipper will be happy to plan the routes and activities which they will enjoy and will have fun with, but will not be responsible for their care.

Will not be available 24 hours a day. The skipper and other members of the crew also need rest and moments for themselves. Apart from the indicated functions, employees will not be available to customers.


When you rent a boat with a skipper

As a client of the boat rental service, you have some responsibilities that are important to keep in mind:

Provide the skipper with food and drink. He can join you to eat with you on the boat or at the restaurant you go to. If not, you can provide him with  the money necessary to go to a restaurant by himself or to cook the food that is on the ship.

It is essential to follow the instructions of the skipper. He is the one who knows the area and the one who sets the guidelines for everything to be perfect.

Provide a cabin for the skipper for his rest. The skipper needs his own space and privacy. This space should not be a deck or in common areas, but in a private cabin. Some boats already have cabins designed for the crew, but this is not the case for all. Therefore, you will have to take it into account in advance, in order to make a good distribution of the space.

Rent boat with a skipper

Relax and enjoy your boat trip with a skipper

At the end of the day, if you want a relaxing, carefree vacation, you should choose a boat rental with a skipper. Only in this way can you really disconnect, enjoy your time and feel safe. You will leave the boat in the hands of an expert without sacrificing safety. Additionally, when it comes to enjoying a swim in crystal clear waters, the skipper will be in charge of anchoring, docking the boat and checking that everything is in order. You can swim, dive, paddle surf, snorkel or any other nautical activity that you want. All this without worrying about the boat in the meantime. 




If you have questions about the process of renting a boat with a skipper for your vacation, get in touch with Boatjump and we will provide you with all the information. We will help you to compare prices and provide you with the best available options, showing the final price of the boat rental with the skipper from the beginning. Boatjump agents will present you with all the details about the boats (technical characteristics, equipment, photos and opinions of other clients) and can offer all this information in the shortest possible time.

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