Have you ever heard of WeFish?

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The fishing application that we all were waiting for: interactive, simple and social.

Now, that you have become a Boatjump customer, you will have access to the wefish premium version for free during 3 months. You will have to set up a payment method, but you won´t be charged before 3 months.

How does this work? Once you have booked with Boatjump you will know!

Developed by fishers for fishers.

Join the Wefish community and take part in a new, attractive and funny fishing experience, where you’ll learn and improve.

Begin to share all your catches with your friends within the WeFish community, let everyone see your latest catch!

And remember:

The location of your catch is confidential!

Download the APP and start sharing your experiences. Play the quizgame and don´t miss out on any of the latest news in the blog.

Download now your APP!

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