Yoga holiday on your very own chartered boat

For most people, the sea provides peace, calm, serenity and tranquility. The same benefits can be obtained from practicing yoga. Why not multiply the effect by doing yoga on your own chartered boat this summer!?

Vacations are necessary for all of us, because they allow us to take a break from our daily routines and have stimulating and enriching experiences. Holidays are the perfect time to stop and enjoy the feeling of being fully present in the here and now, as well as being a great moment to start something new in your life. Including yoga in your vacation program will make it a unique experience and perhaps the beginning of incorporating yoga into your lifestyle.

If doing yoga aboard a boat speaks to you, then in this article you will find:

  1. What is yoga about?
  2. The benefits of practicing yoga in front of the sea.
  3. How to organize yoga classes on a boat.
  4. The best ways to practice yoga when on board.
  5. How we can help you organize your holiday


Practica yoga en el barco de alquiler


What is yoga about?

The true objective of yoga is to be able to mentally withdraw from everything that surrounds us and to concentrate on the movements themselves through breathing and physical exercises. Yoga is about the here and now. During yoga practice, the most important thing is your breathing. Proper breathing is essential to reaching the benefits that yoga offers. If you have never practiced yoga before, your summer holiday could be a great start and if you are a regular practitioner you will easily obtain and understand the many advantages of practicing yoga in front of the sea.


The benefits of practicing yoga in front of the sea.


Yoga frente al mar


While you are sailing on your boat or catamaran in the Caribbean, you breathe cleaner air in a natural environment, your body not only receives oxygen and nitrogen easier but of better quality. The end result is a mix of more complete oxygenation of the body’s cells and internal organs, better toning of your body and greater mental clarity.

Holidaying on a boat provides you with plenty of time to sunbathe, which helps you to nourish your body with vitamin D, a vitamin essential for our body since it allows us to better absorb calcium and improves our immune system. Many people prefer to do yoga first thing in the morning, as it is an especially beautiful experience when done with the sunrise. Enjoy the sun, but remember to always use high quality sun protector. 

The environment and atmosphere where you practice yoga plays a big role. Practicing yoga on your yacht or boat, surrounded by the blue sea helps you to concentrate easier, avoiding noise and other distractions. The only sound you hear is the hum of the waves and the only feeling is a pleasant breeze.


Practica yoga durante las vacaciones


How to organize yoga classes on you chartered boat

If you want to experience yoga onboard there are various possibilities. To organize your classes you can hire a private teacher. When you make your reservation with Boatjump our team can help you find an instructor at your destination or you can bring your own yoga instructor as a part of your group, for example a teacher you regularly practice with. Furthermore, some of the all-inclusive yacht charters have a yoga teacher or a personal trainer as a staff member!

You also have the possibility of hiring a boat vacation in which yoga is a fundamental part of the experience. In this case, it would be something more private and personalized, since the holidays are tailor-made for you.

If you practice yoga regularly and you already have experience, you can do it on your own without the need to hire a professional. In this case, we recommend that you set your practice for the same time every day. If needed, you can practice alone as you only require a bit of space so you can concentrate. If you choose to rent a catamaran it will be much more comfortable to practice yoga, precisely because it offers a larger and more stable space.


Yoga a bordo


What kind of yoga to do on the boat?

For practicing yoga on a boat, we recommend lying, sitting and stretching positions. It is advisable to do a slow practice focused on details, with maximum concentration on breathing and body sensations. For example yin yoga or hatha yoga will be perfect. Regularity is very important when practicing yoga and dedicating yourself to 30 minutes a day is a very good start. It is recommendable to complete your practice with a few minutes of relaxation and meditation at the end. A great compliment to practicing yoga on a boat are exercises known as pranayamas, (respiratory practice). These help you to utilize additional benefits of fresh air through different elements included in saltwater taking advantage of the fact that you are at sea. 




Start organizing your vacation on board.

To enjoy an unforgettable vacation, in addition to practicing yoga on board your boat, you can enjoy other activities while sailing. Also, did you know that if you contract with us you will become part of the Boatjump Benefits Club? You can take a look to discover the collaborating companies that will make your experience the ultimate adventure. If you prefer, we can accompany you during the process to make it much more comfortable and ensure you find the best boat for your vacation. A Boatjump agent will contact you to offer the different options that you can count on quickly and easily. Namaste sailor!

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