Activities to do on board of the sailing boat

Activities to do on board of the sailing boat

Sailing and spending your holidays aboard a charter boat is itself a great recreational activity. We assure you that you will love this unique, fun experience. The simple fact of traveling by sailboat or catamaran to the coves and beaches of natural places such as BVI, USVI, Florida or Bahamas, offers you a lot of unforgettable moments and adventures. At Boatjump we are going to show you a number of additional activities to do on board of the sailing boatso that you can find entertainment for all needs and tastes (and ages!)

Enjoy yourself on board of your chartered boat

Renting a boat is an experience that guarantees fun and enjoyment 24 hours a day. On board a yacht, sailing boat or a catamaran, life is perceived differently. There are details that make it different: the sea breeze, contact with nature, a feeling of privacy and disconnection and the variety of the activities you can do on board. What we are certain of is that you will enjoy every moment, to make sure you are not bored at any moment we are going to propose you 9 great activities you can do on a boat:

9 Activities to do on board a sailing boat 

  • Water sports: for many people this is the best part of the sailing adventure – they take advantage of the fact they are on the sea 24/7 and practice those sports they like the most or they try some new ones: from kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling or paddle surfing (more relaxed water sports) to water skiing, scuba diving or wakeboarding. If what you want is a good dose of adrenaline, water sports are a great ally in this type of adventure.
  • Hobbies: what do you like to do in your everyday life? Whether you like to read or play music, you will be able to do it on the boat. The most exciting thing is that the environment changes every few hours and it gives you a new and different way to enjoy your hobbies.

Activities to do on board of the sailing boat

  • Board games: if you and your group like to play, you can bring board games and enjoy them during browsing hours. Especially recommended with kids on board.
  • Swimming: renting a boat allows you to reach corners that you may not have imagined, to natural spaces that you could not reach easily otherwise. It allows you to immerse yourself in crystal clear, turquoise waters and admire the rich fauna that lives in the depths. It is a great experience.
  • Cooking on board: many people are passionate about cooking, are you one of them? A great idea is to buy fresh food on local markets and prepare it on the boat. The kitchen of your sailboat and/or catamaran is very similar to the one at home. Obviously smaller, but it will not be an impediment when cooking. We recommend that you prepare a previous list to make the purchase and supply the boat with everything essential. Also check our post about 5 easy and quick recipies to make on board.
  • Explore: navigate with an itinerary but let yourself be surprised. You can get off the boat anywhere and discover the local culture, history and gastronomy. This is one of the best activities you can do on a boat.

And a few activities on board for those who love fun



  • Aperitif: Aperitif time is one of the best times of the day on a charter boat. It is that moment, prior to lunch or dinner, in which you sit around the table or on deck and engage in conversation with the rest of your friends or crew while you eat something. It is the perfect time to catch up with your friends or build stronger relationships within your family while you are doing something awesome. 
  • Party: on a boat you can also have fun. Put the music on and dance while the sun goes down, just remember not to disturb the crew of boats anchored around you.
  • Relax: enjoy the sea breeze, contemplate the spectacular sunrises and sunsets that sailing will offer you, breathe fresh air … This is, without a doubt, a perfect luxury.




If you have read this far it is because you are probably thinking about a vacation on board or you are even already organizing it. In any case, the entire Boatjump team is at your disposal to help you choose the boat that best suits your needs, as well as to offer you the best recommendations in everything that has to do with navigation. If you have any doubts and need to receive some suggestions about the type of boat, the destination you have chosen or the things to consider before setting sail, we are here for you. For the moment, with this list of activities we want to make sure you won’t be short on things to do on board of the sailing boat.

Happy sailing!


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