10 best all-inclusive boats in the Caribbean

If you have been asking yourself what are the best all-inclusive boats to rent in the Caribbean, this is the perfect article.


The answer is simple. You just need to know what type of boat you are looking for.

Once you know, choose from the ones we have selected below. Trust me, it is not an easy task.

Because of this, we bring you a list of the 10 best all-inclusive boats.

Boats that are not missing anything that have everything you could want.

After choosing your boat, the rest of the journey is taken care of.

Everything will be waiting for you; from islands and forests to activities such as snorkelling and excursions to the corners of every island.

What would you think if instead of giving you a list of 5-star hotels I gave you a list of the ten best all-inclusive boats in the Caribbean?

What is certain is that you will enjoy the Caribbean more being on a boat than on land.

The experience of sailing and spending a night on a boat in the Caribbean is completely unique and incomparable. Waking up surrounded by turquoise water and seeing the white sand and palm trees is priceless, even more so if it includes: comfort, ease, food, fun and attention from the crew the whole time.

I would absolutely recommend it.

The time has arrived, here is the list of the 10 best all-inclusive boats.

It is all from my own knowledge, I promise.



Beneteau 60

I will start by showing you this incredible and beautiful sailboat, Beneteau, which is 18 metres long.

Not bad hey? Large in size and beautifully designed with 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms.

Paddleboard, water skis, wakeboard, beach games to name a few, this boat has more than you can imagine.

Enjoy water sports? This is definitely the boat for you because they´re all included.

The 10 best all inclusive

From 15.000$ to $25,000 per week.


Fountaine Pajot 47

The second model is the Fountaine Pajot 47 with two 60 HP Diesel motors.

A fantastic luxury catamaran in the Virgin Islands with capacity for 8 people.

Essentially a floating hotel that has 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms, the Fountaine Pajot 47 is a practically new catamaran with a motor. It’s 45.9 foot long with a 25.4-foot beam.

It has a very spacious living room with a TV and a very modern design, a barbecue, a shower on the decking and a large sunroof.  Can you imagine having a shower outside surrounded by nature?

Last but certainly not least is the menu that is included. The chef onboard knows how to take care of your tastes.

10 best all inclusive boats

From $15,000 to $26000 per week. 


Fountaine Pajot 50

A little bigger than the previous boat, the Fountaine Pajot 50 offers the same provisions but with a little more space.

15.2 metres long, 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms make your stay a spacious one, to say the least.

We work with this catamaran model very often.

It offers good provisions with both the facilities and the onboard menu.

Its 150 hp motor ensures a very peaceful journey.

Would you prefer a sailboat or a motorboat?

10 best all inclusive boats

From $15,000 to $30,000 per week.


Lagoon 62

The next boat, the Lagoon 62, has very similar characteristics. It is a 62-foot long catamaran with 2 x 110 hp motors.

It holds up to 8 people in 4 cabins. All the bedrooms come with a queen bed, shower and electric WC

They also come with air conditioning and extensions and the crew have separated cabins and bathrooms.

The living areas include a salon, deck, control bridge and the front nets.

10 best all inclusive boats

From $22.000 to $30,000 per week.


Horizon 52

Another boat I would like to tell you about is the Horizon 52.

A different type of catamaran is a motor-powered and can accommodate up to 4 people in two cabins each with bathrooms.

How incredible? A catamaran without sails!

It also comes with all the available extras such as air conditioning, a shower/bathtub, a small outboard dingy, etc.

10 best all inclusive boats

 From $20,000 t0 $30,000 per week.


Sunseeker 67

Sunseeker 67, a 67-foot long motorboat with capacity for 6 people.

Spacious design with plenty of bedrooms each coming with their own bathrooms.

This incredibly fast boat is perfect for hopping from island to island, the motors allowing you to do so in very little time at all.

What an incredible boat!

10 best all inclusive boats

From $20.000 to $26.000 per week.


Leopard 58

The Leopard 58, a 56-foot long catamaran with capacity for up to 10 people.

It comes with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and more than enough space to store all the equipment you could need for every water sport.

10 best all inclusive boats

From $25.000 to $28.000 per week.


Sunreef 60

On to the next boat, another catamaran, more specifically the Sunreef 60.

Look!  Just like Rafael Nadal´s new boat!

With enough room for up to 10 people, it is perfect for relaxing and settling down after a long day on the water.

Five cabins each with ensuite bathrooms and queen beds are designed in a relaxing grey and white colourway.

It has a large living room and a functional galley that opens out onto both the bow terrace and the front deck creating a large area for relaxation.

Equipped with big sunroofs, coffee tables, puffs and a bar, it is the best place to watch a Caribbean sunset.

10 best all inclusive boats

From $33.000 to $35.000 per week.


Sunreef 68

A Sunreef 68, great option. This boat is fabulous, I love its design.

Very similar to the one before, but slightly larger.

It is a superyacht  24 metres long with a big living room surrounded by floor to ceiling glass and 5 bedrooms.

A new concept catamaran that is modern and comfortable.

10 best all inclusive boats

From $38.000 to $45.000 per week.


Broward 112

The next boat is the Broward 112, which holds up to 10 people, with 5 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms.

Wow, a fantastic alternative for larger groups.

With this boat, you can go wherever you want without worrying about distance whilst enjoying all the luxury and space you could ever want.

10 best all inclusive boats

From $45.000 to $60.000 per week.


Now you have read about the 10 best all-inclusive boats in the Caribbean.

But as you know, every type of boat offers a completely different experience.

Now you have to decide which one suits you best.

If you can think of any other alternatives comment down below.

And remember!  “All-inclusive” includes a Skipper, but if you already have your own license pay attention.

At Boatjump we help you find your perfect boat with the best price guaranteed.


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