Free guide: The best routes in the Caribbean

Discover in this guide the best routes in the Caribbean by boat.

Did you know the Caribbean has more than 7,000 islands?

Then imagine exploring them by boat, there are endless possibilities.

Because of this, we have created a free guide below showing the best routes to sail around the Caribbean.

In the guide, you will find the best ways to explore the Caribbean by boat.

There are hundreds of possible options!

Believe me when I say everything in the guide is coming from my own experiences of sailing in the Caribbean.

The sea conditions and the wind are the main factors that determine the routes, but the size and type of boat also need to be taken into consideration.

Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Cuba are all possible destinations. All of them considered among the best destinations in the world!

I cannot emphasize how incredible the Caribbean really is.

Its coves, beaches and hidden bays make it an absolute paradise.

It’s also one of the last places left with a huge amount of biodiversity.

I really hope the guide we have prepared serves you well when planning your trip, regardless, remember that the main thing is the weather forecast.

This means that weather permitting, you can decide the route that suits you best.

I leave you with a downloadable guide informing you of the best routes in the Caribbean.

If you like it, please leave a comment below.

Your feedback means a lot so we can continue to improve.


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