Free guide: The best routes in the Mediterranean

Check out our free guide showing you the best sailing routes in the Mediterranean.

Did you know the Mediterranean measures 2.5 million km²?

Then imagine the many different routes you have available to sail around it.

We know that so many different options can scare you, even more so when you haven´t even booked your trip.

That is why I´m going to try and make it easier for you with this free guide below:


In this guide, you will find the best routes to sail around the Mediterranean.

But there is more than one way to do it!

Believe me when I say that it is all from my own experiences.

I imagine you already know that the routes will all be different.

The sea and the wind are the main factors that dictate these routes, and of course, the boat. Similarly, the sea conditions, as well as the size and type of boat, influence the best route too.

The Balearic Islands, Greece, Croatia and Sardinia are all possible destinations, all of them considered amongst the best in Europe.

Without going any further, and before I forget, I need to tell you something.

The whole of the Mediterranean Sea is truly incredible.

Its coves, beaches and hidden corners provide endless adventure.

It is of the last places with a huge amount of diversity.

I really hope the guide we have prepared serves you well when planning your travels, regardless, remember that the main thing is the weather forecast.

And based on the latter, given that the weather permits, you can decide the route that suits you best.

I will leave you with a downloadable guide telling you about the best routes in the Mediterranean.

If you like it, please do leave a comment below.

Your feedback means a lot so that we can continue to improve.


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