Practical info before you leave for your sailing charter

That long-awaited sailing vacation is approaching,  and we want everything to go well. After serving more than 20,000 clients over the last couple of years, we have come to know all the questions people have in the run-up to a charter, so we have created this guide for you. 

practical info sailing charter


As you know, it is very common to book a charter well in advance. That is why we always recommend reviewing your reservation confirmation, which we sent you by email, to check the most important details:

  • What extras do I have to pay directly to the boat provider at the marina?
  • Check-in and check-out times
  • The base and port where you will pick up your boat
  • Deposit to be paid at check-in



When you reserve your boat, Boatjump will send you together with the reservation confirmation, a link where you must fill in all the crew details. This is very important to complete well in advance because the boat provider will need the information to register the charter with the relevant port authorities. In addition, it will save you time in the port upon your arrival.

If you have booked an all-inclusive charter, you will receive a preference sheet to complete that contains guest information and also your food and drink preferences, and the type of activities you like so the crew can plan a special vacation for you. 



Sometimes it is necessary to have the name or the registration of the boat to reserve a mooring ball in some destinations. If that is the case, we always recommend that you get in touch directly with the owner of your boat, whose contact information will be available to you from the moment of booking.

If you cannot contact them, you can complete our customer service form so that we can request it on your behalf. ( Customer Service Form )

Regarding the itinerary, in our blog, you can find extensive information about each destination, with recommended routes and points of interest. Check out here the itinerary for the BVI. The reality is that the itinerary is always subject to the weather, so we recommend you check it every day, and adjust your itinerary according to the conditions.  


If you arrive before your check-in time at the port, you can notify the owner so that they know you have arrived. They can then notify you once the boat is ready.

IMPORTANT: Your check-in time is indicated in the reservation confirmation, so please do not expect to be able to check-in earlier.  However, if the owner has the boat ready, they may allow you to embark before. If this is not possible it will be because the boat you have chartered has been checked back in that morning. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the cleaning before handing it over to you.

As part of the check-in process for bareboat charters, it is important to review the inventory and the condition of the boat.   Most owners retain a deposit at the beginning of the charter that is only released when the boat has been returned in the same condition, just like when you rent a car, for example.

For all-inclusive charters, your crew will meet you at the marina, show you to the boat and after a simple safety briefing, you can unpack or and relax with a drink as the crew takes you to your first anchorage. 


What should you do if something goes wrong with the boat? If you have hired a skipper, they will contact the base and resolve the issue.  If you have taken a bareboat and are skippering the boat yourself you should contact the base as soon as possible on the number they will provide as part of the check-in process.  


We hope that this information is useful to you, if you have any questions about your trip we are happy to answer them, just complete our customer service form.

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