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Ports in Nassau

Nassau Guide

Nassau is one of the preferred tourist destinations in the Bahamas. This city is also an international port and a starting point for cruises and sailing trips. The city of Nassau offers leisure, adventure, nature and relaxation. Tourists can also rush off to a nearby island to enjoy more holiday activities is available in Nassau. Boat rentals and yacht charters are readily available to meet the needs of tourists who intend exploring nearby islands.
Nassau Guide

Day trips and excursions are major parts of tourist activities in Nassau. A trip up the Queen's staircase is usually part of the excursion of most tourists in Nassau. The 66 steps that make up the staircase were carved between 1793 and 1794 by slaves. The Queen's staircase is 600 feet tall, and it leads to Fort Fincastle.

A visit to Nassau Straw Market is another holiday activity that makes up the itinerary of most tourists. Souvenirs including woven baskets, mats, hats and wooden carvings are available at this market that is located on Downtown Bay Street. The culture of weaving which was practiced as early as the 1940s is evident in the wares displayed in the Nassau Straw Market.

Nassau is a former pirate city, and the Pirates of Nassau Museum preserves this history. Historical exhibits displayed in this museum show the history of Nassau, and a visit to this museum is a great activity for individuals and groups, especially those with children. Tourists can also explore the nearby Paradise Island and Blue Lagoon Island on a rental boat or as part of a sailing trip. There are several yacht charter service providers in the city of Nassau.

Nassau sailing hotspots

Atlantis Paradise Island, Blue Lagoon Island and Paradise Island are some of the islands around the city of Nassau that are frequented by tourists. These islands can be explored on boat trips either as part of a group or as a private tour on a rented sailboat. Yacht charters in Nassau provide a variety of services for tourists who intend to explore these islands and many more. Atlantis Paradise Island is the home of one of the best tourist attractions in the Bahamas, Atlantis.
Nassau sailing hotspots

Atlantis combines adventure with relaxation and leisure with water parks, an aquarium, a luxury hotel and a dolphin bay. Tourists visiting Nassau, therefore, head out to the Atlantis Paradise Island for their share of this haven.

 Rose Island is a more serene island with a family-friendly beach. It tends to get very busy in Nassau and tourists love to head out to the quieter Rose Island for a quiet day on the beach. This Island can also be explored as part of a sailing trip with a rented boat. The beaches on the island around Nassau are so numerous that tourists need to make careful decisions of those to visit. Cable beach in Nassau is one of the beaches worth visiting. A day on Cable beach could be the beginning of a tourist's day which ends on a chartered boat watching the sunset.