How to rent?

We will explain to you what is involved in the Boatjump experience

How does Boatjump work?

Below we explain in detail what the Boatjump experience consists of. If you have any doubts you can call or send us your query to

1st. Search through more than 5.000 boats available to rent

From our main page, you can search through our main destinations or select your destination, type of boat and the dates you are interested in. Boatjump is the only platform that from the first moment will show you the final price of each boat. If you have in mind another destination that you can not find through the web, do not hesitate to consult us. We can always help you!

If you wish, one of our specialized agents will advise you personally throughout the search process, until you find the boat that best suits your needs. If you need to expand the information about any of our boats, do not hesitate to ask your specialized agent (technical characteristics, equipment, photographs or opinions of other customers).

All the boats have all the legal requirements to be rented, as well as the VAT included.

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2nd. Compare according to your preferences

Once you have selected your destination, the Boatjump search engine allows you to filter by price, capacity and boat length. With these filters your search will be much more direct and you can quickly find your ideal boat.

It is important that you take into account the extras of each boat, which with Boatjump are always visible and included if obligatory. If you want to include some optional extra it is just as simple and will automatically be added to the Final Price.

The prices shown are set directly by the owner of the boat, without any commission for the customer.

Once you have chosen the boat that you want to rent, you need to check with any member of our Boatjump team. From the website you can block the boat for free for a maximum of 48 hours so that no other client from any other agency can book it, meaning you will have time to process the payment or check the last details of your trip.

3rd. Reserve the boat for your holidays

Your specialized Boatjump agent will send you the detailed budget so that you can check all the specifications, dates, prices and personal information.

The reservation will be confirmed when you make the payment of the price indicated in the budget (50% if you book more than one month in advance). The second payment, which must be made at least 30 days before the charter, will also be processed in the same way to the first through Boatjump.

The client can make the payment by bank transfer to Boatjump's account, or by credit card through via the web.When payment has been received by Boatjump, (usually takes 48 hours) our bookings department will send the confirmation to the client and boat owner by putting them in direct contact.

To speed up boarding, Boatjump will ask the user to sign the rental contract, give a copy of their ID or passport, the corresponding qualification and complete a navigation form with the data of the rest of the crew.

4th. Enjoy the Sailing Experience

It's time to board! Take advantage of the necessary provisions for your trip, and if you yourself will be the skipper, remember to listen carefully to the owner's recommendations before handling the boat.

Before boarding, the owner of the boat will ask for the payment of the extras and the agreed deposit.

Enjoy your experience onboard with Boatjump!