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Frequently asked questions

One of our aims is to make renting a boat as easy as making a hotel reservation or renting a car. In this section we try to summarise the most frequently asked questions that our customers ask when renting a boat.

At Boatjump we want to cater for all the needs that our customers have for their boat holidays. That is why we offer both boats where the patron service is included, and others in which you can sail bareboat so long as you have the adecuate licensing. If 'skipper' is listed in the 'obligatory / enclosed extras' section of a boat, it means that the boat must always be rented with a skipper.

Once you know which boat it is that best matches what you are looking for, your Boatjump agent will send you a detailled budget, where you can see the details for the payment transfer, or the link if you prefer to pay via credit card.

No. It is only necessary to pay 50% of the price to complete the booking. The remaining 50% needs to be paid at least 30 days before the charter date.

No. One of the unique values of the Boatjump platform is that we always show you the final price, including the mandatory extras set by the boat owner. The price you see is the price you pay.

Boatjump works to gaurantee secure payments with our clients, and for them we only work with the most secure methods of payment. The payment process is done through the RedSys platform, ensuring the security of transactions. Boatjump does not have access to the credit card details of the client. All communications are secured by SSL / TLS certificate, preventing them from being read or intercepted by unauthorized persons.

The extras are normally paid at the destination, which means the moment which you go onboard your charter. The payment of extras are done directly with the boat owner.

Yes. Once you have completed the reservation, we put you into contact with the owner of the boat, who will create and send you a rental contract which is signed before the departure by boat. At all times you will have a person from the Boatjump team available for any questions you may have regarding the documentation required by the boat owner. Our recommendation is that you complete the formal documentation as soon as possible, so that on the day of embarkment you have everything resolved and you can sail as soon as possible.

Our objective is to show only those boats that are or are available for the selected dates. However, due to the operation of the sector, at the moment the availability must be confirmed by one of our agents.

Once you request the blocking of a boat, the Boatjump team will confirm this to you by a phonecall or confirmation email.

Yes, when these are obligatory. We automatically add the extras to the final price that the owner considers are mandatory for the reservation of the boat.

To reserve a boat you only need to provide your name, telephone and email. Once you have confirmation of the reservation, you will be asked for identification of your crew, a copy of your skippers license (if it is a bareboat).

Yes, you must request the cancellation of the reservation within 24 hours after payment. After this period, refunds and reservations are not allowed.

At Boatjump we insist that the owners provide real photos of their boats. This is why Boatjump is the first platform that already has up to date photographs of the boats it offers. You can distinguish our photographs by the seal Boatjump in the image.

Yes, of course. Boatjump helps the customer before, during and after booking. We are the only boat rental platform that offers the 'Happiness' service, free of charge to all our customers.

Yes. After the experience of thousands of customers with Boatjump, we wanted to gather information received by our users to elaborate simple guides where you can find itineraries and information of interest.

The majority of our sailboats, during the summer season, only are available for rental for full weeks. In the case of motorboat rentals, there are no issues with reserving them for only one of a few days.
Boatjump has an exclusive fleet specializing in making day trips to some of our destinations. That's why we encourage you to always consult us so we can send you the options that we know will fit you for your day by boat.

The cancellation or change of day depends on the conditions offered by each owner, being usual the change of date for another in which client and owner agree.
Bad weather is considered from wind force 7 (ie between 28 and 33 knots of wind), with which recreational navigation is not advised.

Usually the boat owners offer a non-refundable amount with which the deposit is considerably reduced. In any case, the Boatjump team will inform you at all times of the amount of the deposit and its reduction before booking the boat.

Depending on the type of boat and the scheduled itinerary, our team of Boatjump specialists can give you an estimated consumption. This information is often relevant in motor boats, as both in sailboats and catamarans the consumption of the engine is very small.

No, if you plan to rent a boat for a few days or one week. The crossings between the Balearic Islands take at least 10 hours of sailing in the best of cases. However, of course for some of our most experienced users it is possible if they enjoy longer journeys.

If you have requested the skipper service with your boat, they usually sleeps in one of the booths of the boat. Working days for employers are long and their rest is important. In certain boats, the skipper has a cabin in the bow, which is accessed directly from the outside, so that users have more privacy.

In each profile of each boat the maximum capacity is always stated, during the day, for which the boat is dispatched. However, if you want to spend the night you must take into account the number of cabins and whether the saloon is convertible to bed or not.

Yes, before entering the boat, the contract between the owner and the client must be signed. In addition it is mandatory to carry with you the ID or passport, the crew list and the boat license title, if applicable.

Normally, confirmation time depends on the chosen payment method. When payment is made via bank transfer, it takes at least 48 hours to clear in our bank account so your official booking confirmation could be up to 3-4 days later. However, if payment is made via credit card, your booking confirmation usually takes much less time.

We ask for a copy of your ID or passport. If your reservation is with a skipper, a copy of its navigation license will be requested. Lastly, we ask you to hand in the navigation form with the crew information to speed up the check-in process of the day of boarding.

Yes. Whenever sailing you should keep your navigation licence with you at all times.

Yes. The invoice must be requested from the owner of the boat. This will be available to you either on the day of check-in or at check-out.

Normally, only 30-50% of the charter fee is required to secure your booking. The remaining amount is due a few weeks prior to your charter start date.

Like it is common for other types of hires (car, motorcycle, etc.) it is necessary to pay a deposit. Even though the boat is covered by insurance, a deductible applies. The deposit you pay is to cover this deductible. For example, if the deposit of the boat is 500€, in case something breaks, the maximum amount the client pays are the 500€ deposited.

You can find the payment details in both documents: boat quotation and booking reservation. Payments can be made by wire transfer to the Boatjump’s bank account, please remember to fill out at your bank the right amount and booking locator (starts by: BJXXXXX) as indicated in both documents: boat quotation and booking reservation. Bank fees are always due by the sender. Boatjump also accepts card payments as indicated in both documents: boat quotation and booking reservation. Due to internal policy, Boatjump does not accept:

  • cash payments.
  • card payments above 10.000€/10.000$ within the same booking. Example, when the total booking amount is 15.000€, the maximum about accepted by card will be 10.000€, the remaining balance must be paid by wire transfer.
  • Individual payments split by each passengers. The booking reservation holder must pay the full amount, it will be his/her responsibility to collect the funds from all the passengers if needed. In the case the booking reservation holder would request his/her boatjump’s agent to split the payment by other passengers, there will be a surcharge of 20€/20$ by each split.

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