Rent a boat in British Virgin Islands

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British Virgin Islands Guide

The British Virgin Islands includes a group of islands, about 60 of them, that provide perfect holiday destinations. The islands are found between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean  Sea, and they combine adventure with leisure and relaxation. The British Virgin Islands also well known for sailing trips and cruises as they provide azure waters for exploration. Yacht charters are thus readily available in the British Virgin Islands. 
British Virgin Islands Guide

The islands that make up the British Virgin Islands include Tortola, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda. Tortola is the most popular and largest island and is the starting point of most cruises along the British Virgin Islands. The islands of British Virgin Islands offer different landscape and various options for adventure. Most of the islands possess a landscape that varies from volcanic areas to bays. The islands also offer peculiarities. The peculiarities of Anegada, for example, is that it is a fishing hotspot.

One of the most famous tourist attraction in the British Virgin Island is The Baths National Park in Virgin Gorda. This park which was declared a national heritage in 1990 provides grounds for adventurous activities such as snorkeling. It is also an anchorage for yacht charters that explore the area.

White Bay in Jost Van Dyke is another well-known tourist attraction in the British Virgin Islands. This beach is a great relaxation spot as the water is clean and ideal for activities such as swimming and snorkeling. A boat trip exploring the area is also a great holiday activity. Yacht charters in the British Virgin Islands also explore this beach and surrounding areas.

British Virgin Islands Sailing Hotspots

The British Virgin Islands is a destination that is frequented by cruises and is a favorite destination for sailing trips. From unspoiled beaches to areas that receive a lot of tourist attention yearly, there are several tourist attractions that can be included in yacht charters in the British Virgin Islands.

British Virgin Islands Sailing Hotspots

Norman Island is one of those placed that can be explored as part of a cruising trip. This island is largely uninhabited with caves which make it a great location for snorkeling. Boat rentals are also available to this island and other surrounding islands from Tortola.

Virgin Gorda is another island that should be explored as part of during a sailing trip. A visit to The Baths, which is probably the most famous natural endowment of this island, is a worth stopping by Virgin Gorda. This combination of rocks and boulders in the midst of a serene environment give this location a picturesque appeal. Hiking trips can also be planned for Virgin Gorda as its landscape is perfect for adventure.

Sailboat rentals are available from Tortola to any of the I islands of the British Virgin Islands giving tourists ample opportunity to explore as much of the islands as they wish.