Rent a Motorboat in Croatia

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Croatia Guide

Croatia is one of those places in Europe which is a traveler's delight; one of the places that you should try visiting. Croatia gives holidaymakers and tourists reasons to come back again and enjoy its combination of wonderful people, beautiful landscapes and beaches where you can take boat trips and party all night.

The sunshine in Croatia is definitely a reason why you should visit Croatia, one of the sunniest places in Europe. In August, you can get up to 13 hours of beautiful sunshine. 
Croatia Guide

The weather of Croatia is always perfect for sunbathing on any of the many beautiful Croatian beaches or taking a boat trip with friends and family.

Croatia is home to some of the oldest and quirkiest museums in the world. The Museum of Broken Relationships, for example, holds relics that signify important elements in a relationship. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is also one of the best in the world. 

Game of Thrones has made Croatia its home with sites from Dubrovnik and Trogir featured as part of the show. This is one more reason to visit Croatia, to get a first-hand Game of Thrones experience. Even if you do not follow the show, the beauty of these sites will captivate you.

The economy in Croatia is also very tourist-friendly. You can get a complete holiday experience of nature, fun, and beautiful people in Croatia without breaking the bank. Croatia provides a perfect holiday experience full of natural delights. It is a place definitely worth visiting.

Croatia sailing hotspots

Croatia is blessed with a good number of beaches. From the family-friendly beaches to those for all night partying. Croatian beaches provide relaxation and fun giving tourists options to choose from or combine. The numerous beaches in Croatia also make boat trips very appealing for parties, family trips, and even date nights.

Croatia sailing hotspots

The array of beaches in Croatia range from sandy ones to those lined with pebbles.  Zlatni Rat on the island of Brac is one of the beaches in Croatia that elegantly displays the beauty of nature with pebbles adorning the triangular surrounding. This is one of the most popular beaches in Croatia and a spot for windsurfing, boat excursions, and diving.

 The island of Pay holds one of the hottest party spots in Croatia. There is always a party going on in Zrce beach and, this beach has even been dubbed the "Ibiza of Croatia." This beach is easily accessible on the north of the Dalmatian islands near the town of Novalja and offers plenty of shade from the sun.

From the shallow beaches to deep beaches for swimming and the coves that adorn the different islands in Croatia, tourists are presented with a number of options for activities, from renting a boat and exploring nature to partying all night.


There is the special thrill that comes with the horsepowers of a motorboat. Whether you are in charge of the ride or are on a chartered boat with a professional crew, the thrill of the speed of a motorboat adds adventure to an adventurous trip.

Motorboats vary in sizes, from the smaller ones that are ideal for trips to islands and adventurous explorations of sites to the larger ones that can accommodate spending longer number of days on the sea. Whatever activities you schedule for a trip on a motorboat, the excitement and thrill are taken a notch higher by the speed of propulsion.