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Ports in Denia

Denia Guide

Denia is a small port town surrounded by the ruins of a castle which is part of the uniqueness of this town. Denia is surrounded by sandy and rocky beaches which line its 20-km coastline. Denia is located opposite the Balearic Islands and offers a breathtaking view of the marina which can be toured by boat.

The architecture of Denia is one of the reasons why tourists are delighted by this town.
Denia Guide

The walls of old castles and museums are well preserved, and they complement the appeal of this town. Some of the notable monuments in Denia are the Artarazanas and the church of San Antonio. The hermitages of the conquest of the 14th and 15th centuries also adorn the outskirts of Denia and are also part of the places tourists frequent.

The fiestas of Denia are also a reason to visit this town. The Bull fiesta and other numerous fiestas are part of the cultural and tourist experience of Denia. The sandy beaches and rocky coves that adorn Denia are top reasons why tourists visit the town. Denia provides one of the best environments for sailing and spending time on the beach.

You can access Denia by bus from Madrid, Alicante, and Valencia. Ferry trips are also available from the Balearic Islands. A great way of entering Denia is by renting a boat as you get to soak in all the beauty Denia offers on the excursion. Food, golf, history, beautiful beaches and people are part of what Denia offers. The culture, holiday activities and sailing opportunities give Denia its special appeal.

Denia sailing hotspots

Any tourist coming to Denia looks forward to certain activities. Sailing and visits to historical sites are at the top of the list for most people. The beaches and coves of Denia offer plenty of holiday activities, from sailing to sunbathing.

With the combination of so much to see and splendid sailing conditions, Denia is an ideal destination for a sailing holiday.
Denia sailing hotspots

Tourists can also travel by boat to the Balearic Islands from Denia combining holidaying in Denia with a wonderful experience on the Balearic Islands.

There are a lot of beach and coves options for tourists to choose from in Denia. Les Rotes is one of the favorite beaches for tourists in Denia. This beach is adjacent to the Montgó natural reserve and comprises of coves and bays which tourists can explore at will. Scuba diving and snorkeling are some of the activities on this beach. There are also surrounding bars and relaxation spots around this beach.

Denia and the Marineta Cassiana are other sailing hotspots where tourist can rent a boat and enjoy a full beach experience which includes swimming and watersports. Denia also has beaches for the most active and fun-loving tourists. The El Monis is one of the beaches for those seeking a quiet environment where they can participate in the most active watersports. The Denia holiday feeling is one of the best experiences you can have.


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