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Barcelona guide

Tourists to Barcelona are never at a loss for holiday activities. There is always something to do in Barcelona. From visits to the architectural sites that adorn this Spanish city and legendary parties to water sports and boat tours, there is always an activity for tourists at any time of the year.

There are numerous architectural sites and museums to visit in Barcelona. The city is adorned with numerous Gothic architectural pieces that can easily take one back to the Middle Ages.

A tourist's holiday experience in Barcelona is not complete without visits to sites and museums such as La Cathedral and Picasso Museum.

The sun in Barcelona is always just perfect for a day on any of the numerous beaches that adorn the city. Boat tours, sunset cruises, and boat excursions are some of the ways to explore Barcelona's beaches. These beaches are also a haven for water sports activities.

The party doesn't stop in Barcelona, and tourists find the nightlife of the city a major part of their experience. From outdoor jazz music to the legendary club parties in Barcelona, one can safely say Barcelona is a party hub.

The spicy and tasty food from Barcelona is another experience that is peculiar to this city. Barcelona cuisines are especially tasty and delightful, always served to impress. Beautiful beaches, Gothic-style architecture, nonstop partying, and Catalan cuisines are part of the Barcelona experience and reasons why you should consider visiting this city.

Barcelona sailing hotspots

Sailing trips are part of the Barcelona holiday experience. It is not unusual for tourists to rent boats and enjoy a day on the beach or take a boat tour as part of their holiday activities in Barcelona.

The beaches in Barcelona receive a lot of visitors yearly. Some of the beaches usually get overcrowded at certain times of the year while others are always calm all year round. 

Barceloneta beach is one of those very crowded beaches in Barcelona with a lot of activities. The surrounding restaurants and bars enable tourists to combine a day on the beach with the cuisine of the city.

 Garaff beach is a quieter beach, although it also receives a good number of visitors yearly. This beach is also equipped with a lot of facilities and hosts quite a number of water sports. The Caldetes beach is a good sailing hotspot for holidaymakers. This beach is mostly deserted and is suitable for a more quiet and personal holiday experience.

The cove and clear waters of St Pol de Mar beach make it a great spot for boat excursions and tours or just a day out in a rented boat