The Boatjump Team

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Who we are?

Boatjump is the leading boat rental platform. With more than 18,000 registered boats in the world's best destinations around the world, we offer users the possibility to search, compare, and book the best boat for their vacation online and provide the best-personalized advice.

Our History

In March 2016, the three founders (Alfonso, Pablo, and Jaime) decided to break from the 9 to 5 to embark on an ambitious personal project: to create the most comprehensive international boat rental platform.

Based in Majorca, one of the world's premier boating destinations, the founders observed how the yacht charter industry was still operating the way it had for years. It was time-consuming to find the best boat online, so they set themselves the challenge; to make renting a yacht as easy as booking a hotel room, a rental car, or a flight. With this, Boatjump was born, creating a platform that reached, among other milestones, the first boat rental website to show availability in real-time.

Word got out, and as a result, the best start-up accelerators wanted to have Boatjump within their programs. Boatjump decided to join Lanzadera with its program to grow and scale new technology companies, supported by Mercadona, one of the biggest companies in Europe with over 90,000 employees. This partnership led to Boatjump setting up its international headquarters in the America's Cup Marina, Valencia, and set up the US base in Miami to serve North America.

Thanks in large part to the trust of more than 20,000 customers, Boatjump has successfully grown and expanded internationally. With confidence we guarantee the best service when booking a yacht charter. Read our customer reviews here.

The Team

The Boatjump team

When we say we owe the majority of our success to our customers' trust, it is because the other fundamental factor is the team behind Boatjump.

A young, dynamic international team that wants to change the industry to open up sailing to all. We are:

  • Technology - The IT crowd
  • Administration and Finance - Getting it done
  • Customer Support - Always there for you
  • Marketing - Finding and informing you
  • Product - Sourcing the best boats for you

Our Values

We believe it is essential that any company aspiring to lead a market must have a well-established set of values. At Boatjump, we strive to proudly defend those values that define the company's culture towards clients, colleagues, and suppliers and so created our customer charter.

Professionalism, Clearly defined, transparent processes, and ownership of decisions across departments provide confidence, security, and guarantee a professional environment to both customers and boat providers.

Transparency, The reason the Boatjump project arose, to allow anyone to quickly compare the entire fleet and availability in a destination based on prices and characteristics. This ethos follows through to how we treat our customers. We do the right thing for the customer because we believe building a trust relationship is the best thing for our business’ future success.

Ambition, Teamwork, and Drive, These values have created a culture that has defined Boatjump since its inception in a Majorcan living room and continues to be very present today across all departments. We have grown to more than 20 colleagues serving over 20,000 clients from 35 different countries. Every Boatjumper is hired because of their can-do attitude.

Customer First, We are continually thinking about creating the best experience and putting our clients’ needs at the centre of all decisions. That is why we created our customer charter. We work closely with boat providers to make sure we are always in the know and continue to make boat rental easy and accessible to all.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To make renting a boat as easy as booking a hotel room

Vision: Provide real-time availability and prices across the charter fleet on the Boatjump platform to allow the users to research, compare, and book a yacht charter as easily as a hotel.

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