• 21
  • 15.0 m
  • 2
  • 2001
  • 2

Alquilar barco a motor con capacidad para 21 personas en Club Naútico de Sant Antoni de Pormany

Sunseeker Camargue 47ft + Rinker Sports Boat Tandem

Ref: #184

Sobre mi barco

Sunseeker Camargue 47ft + Rinker Sports Boat Tandem es un barco a motor de 15.0 m de eslora, 5.0 m de manga y capacidad para 21 personas que cuenta con 2 cabinas y 2 baños. Construido en el año 2001 en el astillero Rinker.
This stylish Sunseeker Camargue 47ft / Rinker sports boat tandem is a popular Ibiza classic. Why? Because
you get the best of both worlds: lush, spacious lounging on the Sunseeker and adrenaline sports on the
Sunseeker Camargue 47ft tandem – perfect for large groups
It’s brilliant for larger groups with mixed interests. Fancy quaffing chilled cava and stretching out to
sunbathe in style? You’re going to be in heaven on the Sunseeker. Fancy tearing around on a wakeboard or
waterskis? The Rinker has you covered. Best of all, the boats always stay together and you can easily swap
boats whenever you’re at anchor. Read more about tandems here.
The cherry on the Ibiza boat hire cake? Your Captain, Instructor and drinks are included. That’s beer, wine,
cava and soft drinks!


  • Astillero: Rinker
  • Modelo: Sunseeker Camargue 47ft + Rinker Sports Boat Tandem
  • Eslora: 15.0 m
  • Manga: 5.0 m
  • Plazas: 21
  • Año construcción/renovación: 2001
  • Número de cabinas: 2
  • Número de baños: 2
  • Potencia del motor: 310 CV


  • Paddle Board
  • USB Ports
  • WIFI
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Toldo de Sol
  • Ducha exterior
  • Radio/CD/MP3


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