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Alquilar catamarán con capacidad para 6 personas en Nanny Cay

Horizon PC 60

Ref: #1097
Horizon PC 60 es un catamarán de 18.0 de eslora, 7.3 de manga y capacidad para 6 personas que cuenta con 3 cabinas y 3 baños. Construido en el año 2013 en el astillero Horizon.

We are pleased to offer the Horizon PC60 Luxury Power Catamaran, “Sea Boss” for charter in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Whether you simply want to spoil yourself and explore the many exotic islands of the BVI on a luxury private yacht with a professional crew, that will cater to your every need, you now have the opportunity to indulge in luxury aboard the fabulous Horizon PC60 “Sea Boss”.

While Catamarans have become the vessel of choice for most charter companies, none have been luxuriously appointed like a high end motor yacht – like Sea Boss. Her stable platform ensures that even the person most prone to sea sickness will enjoy their cruising experience. The large deck areas and flybridge offer ample space for lounging, sunning. The accommodations on the PC60 each have separate entrances, affording added privacy.

Extras Included :

- Snorkel gear
- Fishing gear
- Paddle board
- Dinghy 14ft

Additional Rate Details:

  • The rates above are based on the maximum occupancy of 6 guests. Rates for maximum of 2 and 4 guests are also available.
  • All Xmas/New Year charters are subject to additional 10% surcharge.
  • Sea Boss is also available for Day Charters for guests who may be staying in a villa/hotel but would like access to a luxury, crewed yacht for daily activities.
  • The rates do not cover crew gratuity as this is customarily at the charterer’s discretion and is usually between 15 – 20% of the base charter rate. The rates do not cover port taxes as these vary from port to port. Bahamian taxes are 4% of the base charter rate .

Crew Profiles : (number of crew : 2)


Darrel grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he spent his time prowling the suburban jungles and raising his pet lion, Chaos. He also managed to actually finish school, and holds degrees in actuarial science, accounting and company law, as well as being a lieutenant in the South African National Defense Force. In 2003 he decided to sell his house, quit the rat race, and go to sea. He moved to Cape Town in South Africa, to upgrade his sailing qualifications. After several months of sailing some of the roughest waters on the planet, he finished his qualifications, and holds a commercially-endorsed Royal Yachting Association Yachtmaster Ocean Skipper’s ticket. He has lived and sailed in the Caribbean for the past eight years, sailing on a variety of vessels in the charter industry (from beautiful and graceful Oyster sailboats, to a 118ft motor yacht). His absolute favourite, though, is Sea Boss. Because she’s awesome. He has extensive sailing experience throughout the Caribbean, and knows where to find the best bars on most islands; essential knowledge for a charter-boat captain. His sailing adventures have taken him from sailing the Eastern US coastline, all the way through the Caribbean chain, and down to Venezuela and Columbia. In his travels he has swum with dolphins, had a 40-foot humpback whale breach right next to (and almost land on) his boat, and sailed through a hurricane. He is keen to experience two of these three things again. He is an experienced and seasoned sailor, with over 30,000 nautical miles in his log book on multiple yacht types. Darrel is a keen water sports fan, and loves to water-ski, wakeboard, kite board and dive. He loves any excuse to get out on the water, and would be more than happy to get involved with any of the water-sport activities offered on the boat. Or any games, really – he is a child at heart and loves to play.

CHEF - Susanna RICE

Susanna is a yachtie born and bred – she did her first cruise on a 90 foot luxury yacht in the Mediterranean before she was six weeks old! She grew up in the British Virgin Islands, where her parents owned and operated a charter yacht. When she was 16, she decided to swap her flip flops for snow boots and moved to Colorado where she finished school and went on to study Ski and Resort Management at college. After working in resorts for a while, she moved back to the islands where she started work on yachts. She enjoys giving people the vacation of a lifetime, whether it is by tantalizing your taste buds, giving you an island tour, or simply by telling you stories about the islands. She loves interacting with people from many parts of the world – yachting and hospitality flow in her blood! She has worked on many boats ranging from 40 feet to 100 feet, both in the Caribbean and in the Mediterranean. Susanna considers herself privileged to be a true island girl, and enjoys sailing, swimming, wakeboarding, snorkeling, diving, cooking, hiking, snowboarding, and traveling. She has a passion for traveling – with her high school, she traveled to Honduras on a diving trip and helped restore mooring buoys at dive sites. The following year, she went to South Africa on a camping trip and visited a school in Namibia where she taught first graders to sing “Row, row your boat”! She has also been to Mexico, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, the Balearic Islands, England, Hong Kong, South Africa, Botswana, Canada, Greece, and recently backpacking around New Zealand. Susanna loves to cook, and takes delight in discovering new dishes and recipes from different ethnicities and takes pride in offering meals that reflect her world travels. You will find that Susanna is way more than a cook and tour guide. Through her lifelong familiarity with yachting and her intimate knowledge of these beautiful islands, she will take you on a journey of discovery that will make your vacation so very special.

Together, this experienced and knowledgeable crew will pamper you and ensure that your vacation is a truly memorable experience.


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Servicio: 10 Asistencia: 10

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Servicio: 10 Asistencia: 10
  • Astillero: Horizon
  • Modelo: Horizon PC 60
  • Eslora: 18.0
  • Manga: 7.3
  • Plazas: 6
  • Año construcción/renovación: 2013
  • Número de cabinas: 3
  • Número de baños: 3
Potencia del motor: 1430 CV


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