Rent a Motorboat in Dalmatia

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Dalmatia Guide

The region of Dalmatia holds several destinations most tourists look forward to visiting. Dalmatia offers a range of tourist activities revolving around the landscape, monuments and beaches. Apart from exploration trips on chartered sailboats, tourist activities in Dalmatia also include outdoor activities such as watersports and hiking. Adventure-loving tourists should also look for award to hiking trips in Dalmatia.

Dalmatia Guide

Excursions to sites and landmarks in Dalmatia are part of the holiday appeal of the region. The cathedral city of  Sibenik, for example, is lined with tourist attractions including the Krka National Park and Kornaki National Park. The festivities of Sibenik are also worth experiencing when on holidays in Dalmatia. The historic sites and monuments which Dalmatia is known for can also be explored on boat excursions and private trips provided by sailboat rentals in Dalmatia.

Dubrovnik, one of the cities in the region of Dalmatia also receives a lot of tourists yearly. Tourists are attracted by the sites, the beaches, the serene environment and the unending scenery. With Dubrovnik as part of Dalmatia region, tourists can combine the sights in Dubrovnik with windsurfing in Peljesac and cruises to other surrounding islands. Some of the island in Dalmatia which tourists can also explore on a boat trip are Brac, Vis and Hvar.

Another way to explore the region of Dalmatia is on a cruise. Cruise trips to the smaller islands which do not receive enough attention but with unique tourist appeals can be explored on chartered yachts as part of holiday activities. Several yacht charters in Dalmatia cater for cruising and sailing needs of tourists.

Dalmatia Sailing hotspots

The numerous anchorages on the coast of Dalmatia have made it an excellent sailing ground for tourists and visitor. Yacht charters and boat rentals are also offered by several operators to meet the needs of tourists who seek exploration as well as leisure.

Several anchorages make a sailing trip one of the holiday activities tourists look forward to. Krknjaši Blue Lagoon is one of those anchorages. This lagoon is surrounded by somewhat isolated islands with perfect serenity.
Dalmatia Sailing hotspots

Tourists seeking a getaway spot can include Krknjaši Blue Lagoon as an anchorage when planning their sailing trips on chartered yachts. There is also a restaurant on this anchorage which serves simple foods for tourist who couldn't pack launch.

 The remote island, Luka Rogacic, which played a major role during the cold war is another great anchorage. Although there are no facilities on Luka Rogacic, the needs of tourists are met in the nearby Vis Town which is easily accessible. From, Krknjaši Blue Lagoon, Luka Rogacic is 42 km south hence a sailing trip can include stops at both anchorages.

Cruising trips to explore the islands that make up the Dalmatia region are great tourist activities. Several yacht charters ensure the needs of tourists who seek to explore the region are met.


There is the special thrill that comes with the horsepowers of a motorboat. Whether you are in charge of the ride or are on a chartered boat with a professional crew, the thrill of the speed of a motorboat adds adventure to an adventurous trip.

Motorboats vary in sizes, from the smaller ones that are ideal for trips to islands and adventurous explorations of sites to the larger ones that can accommodate spending longer number of days on the sea. Whatever activities you schedule for a trip on a motorboat, the excitement and thrill are taken a notch higher by the speed of propulsion.