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Murcia guide

Costa de Murcia is one of those Spanish coasts that has not been overly modernized for tourism. Hence, tourists get natural landscapes, unspoiled beaches and two seas, Mar Mentor and the Mediterranean sea. Costa de Murcia offers a wide variety of tourist activities especially those with an interest in exploring the sea by sailing, yachting, or boat trips. Tourists can charter sailboats and explore Mar Menor, the Mediterranean Sea or the different coves sand beaches.

Murcia guide

Historic sites, beaches, coves and cliffs abound in Costa de Murcia and are major parts of tourists' delight. Lovers of beaches will have to choose between the numerous virgin beaches in the coast of Murcia or explore as many as they can. The weather is relatively warm all year round, so a day out on the beach is perfect at any time of the year. The beach of Calblanque is one of those beaches that allure tourists, whether those seeking clean sand for relaxation or pristine waters for water sports activities. This is also a great spot to begin sailing out to the sea or taking a boat trip.

Limestone cliffs adorn the beaches in Costa de Murcia and are part of tourist attractions in the area. Cabo Tiñoso, a historic structure that defended the coast years ago, is another tourist attraction. Costa de Murcia gives tourists the natural holiday appeal which is enhanced by the towns and villages well preserved in their natural forms. Sailboat and yacht rentals also provide means of exploring Costa de Murcia to its maximum. 

Murcia Sailing Hotspots

Costa de Murcia is the perfect getaway destination for persons looking forward to spending time in a natural enclave that is well preserved. This virgin coast is also located between Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea giving tourists a lot to explore on rented sailboats and yachts.

There are several routes for tourists to explore on either the Mar Menor or the Mediterranean Sea. These routes could lead to discovering unique islands adorned with ancient cliffs or just lead to total serenity in the middle of the sea.
Murcia Sailing Hotspots

Costa de Murcia offers lots of enchanting tourist attractions and much more on the sea. Armed with a pair of binoculars, tourists can take an exploration trip spending a day on the Mar Menor or on the Mediterranean Sea.

Sailboat and yacht rentals in Costa de Murcia cater to the needs of tourists, from personal trips to general tourist trips. For tourists who prefer yachts, there are different types of yachts suited to meet the needs of the different types of tourists.