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Caribbean guide

The Caribbean islands include 13 sovereign states and 17 territories giving holidaymakers a lot of options. Despite the tendency to be ravaged by hurricanes, the Caribean Islands still make a wonderful holiday experience. Tourists tend to travel from one island to the other to enjoy the most of the 7,00 islands that surround the Caribean. Boat trips and cruises are important parts of the Caribean experience.

Caribbean guide

The Caribbean Islands are also excellent locations for a combination of adventure, relaxation, fun, and exploration. The cultural experience of the Caribean Island also makes it a tourist's delight. The Caribbean Islands provide a great escape from all the bustle and hustle of life.

Tourists from all around the works troop into the Caribbean experience for their share of the relaxing and cultural experience. Natives of the Caribbean Islands are accustomed to a more natural way of life and tourists are treated to an experience of the beauty of nature in many ways. Sailing trips on rented boats are one way of enjoying the Caribbean. Other activities that make up the Caribbean holiday experience are hiking and the numerous water sports.

The temperature of the Caribbean Island stays around a warm range all year allowing tourists to enjoy the beaches whenever they visit. The tropical holiday experience of the Caribbean Islands revolves around nature, exploration, and fun. There is also the nightlife designed to thrill tourists. The Caribbean cuisine is also one experience that tourists look forward to as the locals present their cultural heritage.

Caribbean sailing hotspots

The beaches on the Caribbean Islands are a major part of the tourist appeal of the region. The different islands and territories hold a fair share of alluring beaches and coves that complete the tropical holiday experience. Ilet du Gosier in Guadeloupe is a spot that is very suitable for exploration. This inlet which can be reached by a boat ride shows the true essence of a tropical holiday.

Caribbean sailing hotspots

Scheduling a boat trip to this inlet will definitely add some glow to your holiday experience. The Playa Rincon in the Dominican Republic is another beach that combines the beauty of nature with serenity. The beach is secluded away from the resorts and tourist activities and is suitable for both relaxing and more active holiday activities.

The Dark wood beach in Antigua provides the escape from reality experience everyone wants to be part of their holiday. With no building in sight, this beach is an ideal location for the different holiday activities. A trip out to the sea on a chartered boat is also a great way of experiencing this beach.

The Caribbean Islands offer a unique holiday experience. With a lot to explore, tourists always aim to make the most out of their tropical holiday.