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Tarragone guide

One hour away from Barcelona lies Tarragona, a city that combines all the holiday elements a tourist desires in a Mediterranean city. Tarragona, a former capital of the Roman empire in Spain combines history with architecture and beautiful natural landscapes. Tarragona holds ruins from when the Roman empire that invaded Spain had its capital in it.

The city also holds UNESCO sites and heritage. Tourists are spoilt for choice of sightseeing sights with the numerous historic and cultural sites in Tarragona. Some of the notable tourist attractions in Tarragona are Balcó del Mediterrani and Carrer Merceria Arches. Ancient castles and churches are also part of the architectural appeal of this city. Tamarit Castle and Catedral de Santa Tecla Tarragona are examples of castles and churches which tourist look forward to seeing.

There is so much to see in Tarragona that tourists could be completely occupied with sightseeing. Museums, an amphitheater and ancient temples adorn this city. Apart from sightseeing, tourists can also schedule sailing trips and excursions within and around Tarragona on chartered sailboats and yachts. Sailboat and yacht rentals serve the needs of tourists who decide to head on to the sea or explore the several coves and beaches. Tarragona connects to areas along the coast of Costa Brava and Costa Dorada with several cruising routes.

Tarragona is also known for its cuisine and hospitality. The people of the city are known to be very hospitable displaying their culture proudly with several festivities. Tarragona offers a holiday experience that combines culture with history in several holiday activities.

Tarragone Sailing Hotspots

With a chartered sailboat or yacht, tourists in Tarragona explore the different water bodies connected to the city. This Mediterranean city also holds several beaches and coves that can be explored as part of holiday activities. The beaches and coves in Tarragona include those that receive countless visitors yearly to those that are more secluded and are easily reached on rented boats.

Platja del Miracle/Comandancia, for example, is one of the busiest beaches in Tarragona as it faces the amphitheater. Tourists can thus combine a visit to the amphitheater with a sailing trip on a rented sailboat. Secluded coves such as Cala Fonda can be accessed by rented sailboats from Platja Llarga and Cala de la Roca Plana. Cala Fonda is towards the north of Platja Llarga and the south of Cala de la Roca Plana.

Tarragona provides numerous sailing option from the several beaches that lead up to the sea. These pristine beaches lead to the sea in shallow steeps making them suitable for exploring on chartered sailboats. Sailboat and yacht rentals in Tarragona cater to the sailing needs of holidaymakers which include cruising on a rented yacht and a boat excursion. A boat excursion is another way of enjoying the architecture and history which Tarragona offers.