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Costa Blanca guide

From the pristine environment to the numerous beaches and coves, Costa Blanca offers a serene holiday destination. Alternatively known as the white coast, this region is endowed with natural surrounding and landscapes that inspire a variety of holiday activities. From an exciting cuisine to an engaging nightlife and lot of beaches and coves to explore, tourists to Costa are spoilt for choice of holiday activity.

With rented yachts and sailboats, tourists can also explore the white coast and sail into the Mediterranean. Tourists can charter yachts and sailboats from the rentals in Costa Blanca.

Costa Blanca is the home of several pristine beaches including Blue Flag beaches. Benidorm and Alicante, cities in Costa Blanca, hold Blue Flag beaches that were frequented by tourists yearly. Moraira, Denia, Calpe and Javea are other cities in Costa Blanca with unique holiday appeals. Denia, for example, is known for its unique cuisine. Javea, on the other hand, is known for beaches, culture and a peculiar cuisine.

Former fishing villages, Moraira and Javea are also great holiday destinations as they combine their qualities as fishing villages with more modern tourist attractions. For tourists who intend to charter yachts and sailboats, these destinations are also great for exploring the surrounding water bodies on a fishing trip or taking a cruising trip. The cities and towns in Costa Blanca offer a lot to clients; a cruise is one of those activities that can fit into a holiday in the white coast. Adventurous tourists also get to enjoy different forms of adventures, including exploring caves, in Costa Blanca.

Costa Blanca Sailing Hotspots

The holiday activities in Costa Blanca range from the adventurous ones such as cave explorations and water sports to the serene ones such as sightseeing and sailing trips. The towns and cities in Costa Blanca include fishing villages and cities that are endowed with an endless array of beaches. Tourists can decide to charter a sailboat and carry out exploration activities and fishing trips.

Sailing trips on rented yachts could be scheduled into tourists' itinerary in cities such as Benidorm and Denia. Denia has an atmosphere that is welcoming to the different groups of tourists, and family sailing trips could be planned along its area.

Holidaymakers in Costa Blanca can also choose to visit Alicante, the seaport city in Costa Blanca and explore the Mediterranean Sea from its shores. Sailboat and yacht rentals in Costa Blanca provide tourists with a variety of boat sizes to explore the Mediterranean or indulge in other adventurous holiday activities such as watersports. It is an established fact that there are a variety of holiday activities for tourists in Costa Blanca. It is left to the tourist to plan an itinerary that maximizes the holiday. Food, adventure, culture and history are major parts of most tourists' holidays in Costa Blanca.