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Costa Azahar Guide

The Costa Azahar is home to several cities and numerous tourist attractions. Although Costa Azahar does not boast of the fame of other more popular Spanish holiday destinations, it exudes a holiday appeal that combines serenity with relaxation activities. Costa del Azahar offers holiday activities that include sailing and cruising on chartered yachts from sailboat and yacht rentals in the area.

Several sailboat and yacht rentals cater to the needs of the different groups of tourists, from larger corporate groups to smaller groups of families and individuals. The proximity of Costa del Azahar to Valencia, Castellon and Barcelona also widens the holiday appeal of this coastline.

The natural surrounding of Costa Azahar is a major part of its holiday appeal. Appropriately dubbed the orange blossom coast, the streets are lined with lemon and orange trees creating a serenity that enhances the holiday appeal and encourages outdoor holiday activities. The surroundings of Costa Azahar encourage leisure walks in addition to more vigorous holiday activities.

Sailing, yachting, hiking and skiing are some of the outdoor holiday activities which tourists enjoy in Costa del Azahar. Lovers of fishing can also take fishing trips on the numerous water bodies while holidaying in Costa del Azahar. Sailboats for these fishing and exploration tips can be rented from the different sailboat rentals in Costa del Azahar.

Peniscola, Vinaros, Benicassim, Oropesa and Calig are some of the towns within Costa del Azahar. These towns offer tourist activities that range from visits to medieval sites to sailing trips from the different beaches and coves to the sea. The resorts in Costa del Azahar also offer more holiday activities with as a combination of culture, history and leisure.

Costa Azahar Sailing Hotspots

Costa Azahar offers a wide coastline adorned with several beaches and coves. These water bodies also lead out to the Mediterranean making sailing trips a major part of holiday activities in the area. With the sailboat and yacht rentals in the area, tourists can explore as much of the coastline as they desire. The holiday appeal of this coastline is enhanced by the long stretch of shore from which holidaymakers can sail out into the sea on chartered sailboats and yachts.

Castellon also boasts of a marina from which tourists can board yachts and explore the Mediterranean sea and also indulge in some fishing while at sea. A boat trip to the Columbretes Islands is also part of the holiday experience of tourists in Costa del Azahar. A trip to Columbretes Islands can be combined with other activities such as snorkeling and sailing on a rented sailboat. Yacht and sailboat charters in Costa del Azahar ensure that the sailing and boat excursion needs of tourists are appropriately met. A tourist's day in Costa del Azahar could start at a historic site and end on a chartered yacht watching the sunset. The array of holiday activities in Costa del Azahar also includes adventure and a cultural experience.