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Alicante guide

Alicante is a tourist destination which offers something for everyone. This Spanish city combines the beauty of nature with an active nightlife giving tourists a lot of fun and relaxation options. Alicante is the home to beautiful castles and a long waterfront that is lined with beaches that welcome a lot of tourists yearly. The accessibility of Alicante is also noteworthy due to the different airports and resorts that surround this capital city.

Tourists looking to holiday in Alicante should look forward to a range of activities. There are several museums in this Mediterranean city, and there are a lot of monuments for the viewing pleasure of tourists. The castle of Santa Bárbara, for examples, receives a notable number of tourists every year. The beautiful coves and beaches in Alicante are also part of the Mediterranean holiday experience in this city. Boat rides and excursions are common on these beaches. Different water sports activities are also carried out on Alicante beaches.

For tourists who want to have a good time, Alicante presents more than a fair share of parties ranging from crazy tourist parties to moonlight dancing with the locals. The Alicante holiday experience is not complete without shopping trips. Alicante is known for high-quality leather goods with bespoke designs always on display.

Alicante's local cuisine is also part of the holiday experience tourists enjoy in this city. The recipes are endless and as exciting as it gets. Alicante is a holiday destination that covers all tourists needs, from children and family-friendly activities to strictly fun and relaxing activities.

Alicante sailing hotspots

One of the ways tourists soak up the Mediterranean holiday experience is by taking boat excursions and trips to the numerous coves and beaches in Alicante. The wild coves of Alicante and the sandy beaches provide a lot of activities for tourists. La Granadella in Javea, a beach that has been voted Spain's best beach twice, is a tiny beach in the Costa Blanca resort, north of  Javea. This beach is very popular with snorkelers, sunbathers, and scuba divers.

The beaches in Benidorm are great sailing hotspots in Alicante. These two beaches offer a warm climate, beautiful sand, and cool water where activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and sailing take place. These beaches are ideal locations for boat trips to explore the Mediterranean sea along the coastlines.

Alicante locals, tourists from other parts of Spain, and international tourist frequently take sailing trips to the San Juan beach. This beach is a natural ground for holidaymakers with activities such as surfing and scuba diving. The golden sands of this beach also receives millions of sunbathers yearly. Alicante is no stranger to tourists, most of whom are attracted by the combination of relaxing and energetic holiday activities.