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Costa Almeria Guide

The coast of Almeria offers an unusual landscape that includes beaches, coves, desserts and rocks. The towns and cities on the coast of Almeria offer culture, history, adventure and leisure. Tourists still find enough time to sail out to the sea and enjoy the Mediterranean on a chartered yacht. The cities of Almeria include those with historic sites include the city of Almeria with archaeological sites of Roman and Arabic origins.

Almeria city is one of the places on the coast of Almeria that offers culture, history and relaxation. Cabo de Gata in Nijar is one of the tourist delights in Almeria city. This well preserved natural park provides grounds for adventure, leisure and relaxation. Another tourist attraction in Almeria is Aula del Mar which holds architectural and historic pieces.

Fishing villages in the coast of Almeria can also be explored by tourists. Charming villages such as Mojacar add to the unique appeal of the coast of Almeria. Mojacar is also home to the famous beach, El Playazo. Apart from the beach, Mojacar also offers its culture with the traditional festivals. Nijar, a town known for making ceramic pieces is also worth visiting while holidaying on the coast of Almeria. For tourists looking to spend quality time on a beach, there are several beaches in the city of Vera which is on the coast of Almeria. Versa is the home of some nudist beaches also. Almerimar, one of the towns in the coast of Almeria is also known for being the home of marinas and a well-established golf course. Tourists can thus charter a sailboat or yacht and head out to the sea from Almerimar. Costa de Almeria is also home to the different plastic greenhouses and wildlife reserves that beckon tourists for quality holiday activities. A day that starts on a beach can end on a chartered yacht watching the sunset. 

Costa Almeria Sailing Hotspots

The warm climate and captivating beaches of Costa Almeria make the area ideal for sailing trips most times of the year. Tourists planning to spend some time on the coast of Almeria can schedule sailing trips, boat trips and excursions and cruises into their itinerary. A trip to Cabo de Gata Natural Park on a chartered yacht is a holiday activity tourists can experience only in Costa Almeria.

Yacht charters are also available to explore the city of Almeria which holds several towns and villages with special holiday appeals. Boat rentals are also available for private and group excursions in the city of Almeria.

Other cruise destinations in Costa Almeria include San Jose, Aguadulce and Roquetas de Mar. Tourists can also charter yachts and sail into the Mediterranean. The city of Vera is adorned with several beaches making it an ideal location for yacht cruises to discover as many beaches as desired. Almerimar is another town that is worth exploring on a yacht charter. Costa Almeria offers unspoiled beaches and destinations which tourists can explore as part of their holidays. The coast of Almeria is also the home of wildlife reserves that can also be explored on a cruise or with a boat excursion.