Customized USVI itinerary from our recent client Sean

Despite the complexities of Coronavirus in our world today, we are able to curate and provide the best charter options in safe areas for an affordable price. Our team stays up-to-date on various Covid-19 government policy information and is able to provide you with an amazing, personalized sailing vacation during these unprecedented times. Many of our clients have recently enjoyed sailing and yachting in the USVI and we’re creating new opportunities every day.

Here´s what one of our recent client has to say:

“Casey and Michael were perfect. We don’t want to have anybody else. They set the schedule and were completely flexible- they read us well!! Sometimes we didn’t even know what we wanted and they were the ones to figure it out for us. 

Travel was easy the way down; the guys at the airport were helpful to get people in. Casey and Michael arranged to have someone pick us up at the airport which made everything so EASY!! You set us up perfectly Kelsie.”


by Reinhard LinkEvery detail and interest our clients have is always a priority. We take pride in creating unforgettable experiences through strategic itinerary planning that help make the most out of your vacation time.



You can check out the customized day-by-day itinerary from Sean:

Day 1: Crown Bay Marina, STT -> Shipwreck Cove, Buck Island

We hop aboard the 47’ Champs Elysees, our luxurious, floating home for the next few days. The  catamaran is docked at the Crown Bay Marina and once we board, our group has some welcome Champagne and healthy snacks. After a quick tour and safety briefing we set sail southbound for Buck Island. Sean and Lindsay do some shipwreck snorkeling and off-path cactus hiking while Isabella and Ada head up to the lighthouse. After some napping and relaxing, we have some delicious scallops for dinner and a dessert by Casey to conclude an early first night in.


Day 2: Shipwreck Cove, Buck Island -> Red Hook, STT -> Hawksnest Bay, STJ -> Resort Cay, Lovango Island

After sleeping in, Casey prepares an amazing breakfast to provide some energy for more shipwreck and fish snorkeling before sailing east towards the island of St. John. Upon arrival, we make a quick pit stop in Red Hook to pick up some kiting gear for Sean. Afterwards, we end up anchoring at a beautiful spot in Hawksnest Bay on the northside of St. John for lunch, snorkeling, and fun on the floating mats all afternoon. We then head over to Lovango Island for dinner at the new Island Resort. Before dinner we spend some time playing Monopoly Deal together and getting a few cocktails in. The beautiful sunset over St. Thomas sends us off to dinner at the resort. After a delicious meal we get some good sleep and recharge for the next day.



Day 3: Resort Cay, Lovango Island -> Maho Bay, STJ

Lindsay and Sean wake up early and get some snorkeling in before the kiddos get up and we all have some breakfast before heading over to Maho Bay.  Once at Maho, we have some lunch and the girls paddleboard and kayak out to Whistling Cay’s abandoned Customs House. With the appropriate wind conditions, Sean is able to catch some wind and get the foil board going for a few runs out to Whistling Cay. Your captain follows behind like paparazzi in the dinghy all around the bay and eventually provides a towing service to the kayak team. We then settle in for some afternoon lounging before taking a hike while your Captain whips up a snack and prepares to make Paella for dinner! After the hike, it’s fancy cocktail hour aboard Champs Elysees! We get cleaned up and chow down on the Paella. After a delicious Spanish dinner and a few drinks, the Soundboks and microphones come out for karaoke night! The girls warm up their vocals and rock karaoke, all night long. Also of course, we can’t forget a glimpse of Ada’s future standup career. 




Day 4: Maho Bay, STJ -> Coral Harbor, STJ -> Hansen Bay, STJ

In the morning, we do some turtle searching with great success! Then we head off along the north side of St. John towards Lime Out in Coral Harbor. After some sailing we head over to the floating taco bar for tacos and more cocktail fun. Once we’ve had our fill we head over to Hansen Bay for some fun on the tube and paddleboards. Later that evening, we decide to have a loud music rager on the catamaran for Isabella’s birthday. After some sunset drinks, Casey brings out her Mahi Mahi Mango Curry dinner followed by a birthday cake and T-Swift tunes for Isabella’s 22nd!


Day 5: Hansen Bay, STJ -> Druif/Honeymoon Bay, Water Island -> Crown Bay Marina, STT

For our last full day we head back west for a long down-wind sail towards St. Thomas to Water Island for some snorkeling, beach fun, and sub-winging. We enjoy lounging and relaxing most of the day anchored at a beautiful spot just before a tasty crab boil to end out the trip! After dinner, we head into the marina for a nice short night cruise so we have an easy exit in the morning. Everyone gets packed up for an easy morning checkout and then we have trivia night where the parents face off against the kids! 


Day 6: Crown Bay Marina, STT

An early wake-up call and to-go breakfast wraps await us as we say our goodbyes and ‘till next times as the group makes way toward the airport and begins the journey back home.



Boatjump specializes in luxurious, customized sailing vacations and charter experiences. That’s why from start to finish, we always make sure your journey with us is unforgettable. 

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