A Trip to the USVI in COVID times!

Is it appropriate to charter right now?

There are a lot of people out in the market that are judging those that go on vacation. We felt completely safe being on this vacation and those that don’t want to travel shouldn’t be judging those that want to. Everyone has a different situation and this was amazing for us. You decide what is appropriate, therefore the answer is yes.

Up in the air




What was the USVI like?

We changed from the BVI to the USVI but this location was perfectly fine…not affected and we forgot about it other than masks!! Once we went swimming to the island and realized we didn’t even have them….had to go back, hahaha


What about flights?

Travel was easy down there-the airports were busy! We were surprised but it was a good feeling, people are traveling. We had a car arranged to pick us up, so it was super easy and felt top notch.

Tubing at Hansen

COVID tests?

We got a test 5 days before and the crew was tested as well and made sure we knew- it was great and made us feel safe and protected.

How was working with BOATJUMP?

You set us up perfectly. You set us up with an amazing crew that read us 100% and it was the perfect mix between a set schedule and flexibility.





You need to promote this more…!! This vacation was awesome to forget about COVID and feel comfortable with a crew and happy with our family. There is no better choice. The industry has stepped up and it showed in the experience we had. The crew members we have made a connection with are now the ones we will continue to sail with 100% no doubt! Thanks to your hard work and BOATJUMP having connections to these high quality individuals, we now know our perfect vacation plans and are itching to get back out there.


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